Satyam Trivedi is Founder & CEO of Wall Street Capital Inc, focussing on three major financial needs : Investment, Insurance and Mortgage. Satyam believes that financial stability is very crucial to live a truly fulfilled life.

He also holds a Commercial Pilot Licence and pursues flying as a hobby. Satyam is a voracious reader and spends significant time in reading investment finance, psychology of success & leadership. He has volunteered as a public speaker in areas of leadership & motivation.

Under his leadership, Wall Street Capital Inc. is helping clients select right Investments to grow their savings. His Investment policy Statement (IPS) is : Safety of Principal, Income from Dividend and Growth of Capital, Liquidity & Tax Minimization.

Mr. Trivedi believes that number one reason people fail financially is because we cannot anticipate what future brings to us and that’s why his Insurance wing of Wall Street Capital Inc. strives to cover risk by helping his clients select the right coverage for Life, Business, Income, Critical illness, Disability & Estate planning. He says if you fail to prepare, you are automatically preparing to fail.

Mr. Trivedi is also licensed as a Mortgage Agent & helps clients arrange mortgage for their first time home purchase or refinance. His dream is to develop Wall Street Capital Inc. as a one stop destination for all financial needs.

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